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4. Beauty Pass FAQs

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4.1. What is Milada’s Beauty Pass?

Milada’s Beauty Pass is a monthly subscription allowing you to have 2 beauty appointments per month – see https://miladabeautypass-sxm.com#services for available services.

4.2. Details about appointments

How many services can I receive during an appointment?
Only one service at a time with the exception when an “extra” service is purchased within the booking calendar promos.

How many appointments can I schedule by month?
You can schedule 2 appointments per month.

Can I schedule only 1 appointment per month but with 2 services?
No, you need to schedule separate appointments for each service with the exception of purchasing an “extra” promo service in the booking calendar.

Can I schedule 2 appointments in the same week?
Yes, the minimum time between 2 appointments is 24 hours.

Can I book the same service for both my appointments?
Yes, it is completely up to you which services you choose.

4.3. Purchasing Milada's Beauty Pass

Can I buy 2 Milada’s Beauty Pass?
No, you can only purchase one Beauty Pass, limited to availability.

Can I purchase Milada’s Beauty Pass at any time?
No, Milada’s Beauty Pass is subject to availability. We strongly recommend grabbing yours before they run out.

How long is the duration of Milada’s Beauty Pass?
Our Standard Milada’s Beauty Pass is valid for 3 months, and our Pro Milada’s Beauty Pass is valid for 6 months.

Can I pay for Milada’s Beauty Pass in monthly installments?
Yes, you can choose this option when you purchase your Milada’s Beauty Pass.

How can I purchase Milada’s Beauty Pass?
Milada’s Beauty Pass is only available for purchase online.

What happens after I purchase Milada’s Beauty Pass?
You will receive immediate confirmation by email and you can book your appointments online right away.

Who can purchase Milada’s Beauty Pass?
Milada’s Beauty Pass is exclusively available for Sint Maarten’s and St-Martin’s residents (Dutch & French side).

Can I use a gift certificate to purchase Milada’s Beauty Pass?
No, all Milada’s Beauty Passes must be purchased online with a valid credit card.

4.4. Booking appointments with Milada's Beauty Pass

Can I call Milada Spa to schedule my appointment?
All appointments for Milada’s Beauty Pass must be booked online.

How far in advance can I book my appointment?
You can book all your appointments for the duration of your membership, we have special availabilities for Milada’s Beauty Pass members.

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment online?
Yes, but no less than 6 hours before your appointment.

4.5. Milada’s Beauty Pass rules & regulations (no show and cancellations)

What happens if I cancel my appointment online less than 6 hours or I never show up for my appointment?
You will have a $30 fee charged to your credit card, but you will be able to reschedule your appointment for another time.

What happens if I am late for my appointment?
Your service provider will wait for up to 15 minutes for you to arrive after your scheduled appointment time. Any time over 15 minutes will be considered a no-show, and your card will be charged $30. You will be able to reschedule that appointment at your earliest convenience.

If I miss an appointment one month, does it roll over to the next month?

No, it does not. Your beauty pass gives you 2 appointments each month, that do not roll-over if you miss one.

Can I share my Milada’s Beauty Pass with someone?
No, it’s only for 1 person.

Can I pause my membership?
No, the membership cannot stop. Please choose the option that makes the most sense for your schedule.

Can I have my money back if I don’t use my appointments?
No, the membership is not refundable.

Does my Milada’s Beauty Pass renew automatically?
No, your Milada’s Beauty Pass does not renew automatically. It is your responsibility to repurchase Milada’s Beauty Pass, subject to availability.

4.6. Milada’s Beauty Pass additional benefits

Can I have a special price on other services in the Spa that are not included in my membership?

Yes, we have specials on all regular Milada services for our Milada’s Beauty Pass members.

Can I purchase products at Milada’s for a special price?
Yes, all Milada’s Beauty Pass holders benefit from an additional 10% discount on all products at Milada Spa.

Can I use a gift certificate to purchase additional services or on products that I have a special price on?
No, gift certificates are only applicable to regular Milada Spa services.

Can I purchase a Milada gift certificate for my loved ones at a discount?
Yes, all Milada’s Beauty Pass holders benefit from a 20% discount on all gift certificates.

How can I purchase a gift certificate with a discount?
You can only purchase gift certificates with the discount in person, at Milada Spa.

Can I purchase Milada’s Beauty Pass for my son and/or daughter?
Yes, if they are 12 years old or older, and a parent or legal guardian will have to sign a consent form in person, at Milada’s spa.

5. Intellectual Property

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